The February

Fresh Start

With Mary Clark

Life & WLS Mindset Coach
Weight Loss Surgery Patient, 7 years
WLS Educator & Advocate, 18 years

February is Fresh Start month!

For a few years now I’ve endorsed February as the NEW Fresh Start month because January can feel so busy!

By February we’re settled into the new year and ready to Get Going!

And this year…some of you will really Get Going!

Stay with me now.

Imagine it’s APRIL 🌷 and you’re feeling AHHHHHMAZING about the progress you’ve made in your WLS journey!

“I feel so good!”

You finally figured out a meal planning + prepping system that works for you, and as a result you feel more in control of your nutrition, your confidence has increased…and you’ve released weight.

You’re exercising consistently. You tried some new workouts and created fitness backup plans! As a result you feel stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally…and you’ve released weight.

You’ve been managing unplanned eating. Now, you’re not eating because of stress, boredom, frustration or for other non-hunger reasons. As a result you feel happier, you’re looking forward to creating new goals for your life…and you’ve released weight.

“Mary, it sounds great – but I’ve been trying to deal with this regain (or plateau) for so long…nothing’s working.”

But my hunch is you’ve either been going it alone, or on the advice from a friend, tips you found online, or the success story of somebody who doesn’t have YOUR life.

And listen up PRE-OP & “less than 2 years” POST-OP friends!

If you’re nervous because you’ve already stalled or plateaued, or worried that surgery won’t work for you in the long run because nothing else ever has…the February FRESH START is for you too!

But you’ve got to want this kind of support, really want it. AND you’ve got to be ready to give awesome support too!

My WLS friends and I wanted both.

The February Fresh Start is for you if…

You want to connect and collaborate with weight loss surgery friends who understand where you’ve been, what you’re going through, where you want to be, and want to see you succeed!

You’re ready to accept supportive & encouraging accountability with check-ins to help you achieve your specific goals, without feeling overwhelmed.

You want to release habits that aren’t getting you anywhere but stuck, and learn what to do instead.

It’s time to take action and create a positive path to living your healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling life with weight loss surgery.

How will it work?

We’ll have EIGHT Fresh Start group calls. You’ll have a conference call number emailed to you.

Your options for our 90-minute calls are Wednesdays, 7:30 pm EST, beginning February 20th, OR Saturdays, 11:00 am EST, beginning February 23rd.

Each member will begin with a Get Clear On My Goals worksheet. This is the time to get laser-focused on very important goals…not EVERY goal you have, you’ll choose 2-3.

During every 90-minute call, each member will recap goals, give updates, describe challenges, and get group brainstorming & encouragement.

Between calls, members will receive email check-ins emphasizing their goals and encouraging them to take action – ACCOUNTABILITY!

Is a February Fresh Start for you?

How do you want to feel by mid-April?🌷

What do you want to release?

Excess pounds? Habits that aren’t doing anything but keeping you stuck?

And what do you want to gain?

Confidence? Physical strength? Emotional strength? Consistency with healthy “take care of myself” practices?

If you’re ready to feel AHHHHHMAZING by April 🌷 your investment is $67.

That’s less than $8.50 per week. But I don’t want to “convince” you how this is “such a great deal”.

The February Fresh Start is for WLS Friends who are…

  • Ready to commit to themselves over the next two months.
  • Ready to support & encourage others.
  • Want to reach mid-April feeling AHHHHHMAZING about their WLS journey progress.💛

Mary, I'm interested in meeting on Wednesdays!

Mary, I'm interested in meeting on Saturdays!

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